Our clients comments

Take a series of beautifully designed private rooms, add some low keyed lighting and calm subtle music, couple that  with a very talented and attentive masseuse, then you have The Vaman Spa experience.
As a well trained professional, Jesus knew the exact amount of pressure to reach deep troubled areas and work out the knots without causing pain or discomfort. He used various rubbing and stretching techniques during the massage along with aroma oils and heating beads. It was such a relaxing experience that I fell asleep a couple of times. 
Vaman Spa is located upstairs in the Mercado building above a coffee shop and bakery. The rooms are air conditioned. The price for a 90 minute relaxing massage is $700 (opening special). I highly recommend it!

George Camper

The place is really quite, clean and relaxing when arriving.
Jesus welcomed me and the massage he did ware really awesome. In less than 2 minutes I was close to sleep and felt totally relaxed.
The 1 hour massage spent far too fast.
I will definitely get back.
Prices are really reasonable for such an amazing experience

Thomas Zwercher

I’ve had several massages from Jesus Manuel, he is an excellent massage therapist. When I first hurt myself body surfing in Puerto Vallarta I thought for sure I would be in agony for days. He was able to massage out the muscle strains without me feeling any pain, this is remarkable as I always go for deep tissue and I thought it had to hurt to be effective. Also with all the walking I have been doing he has been able get the numb feeling in my feet to go away by massaging my legs in general but calves and feet in particular. Those that have experienced Jesus’s massage know that he is a rare find in the massage world.

Crawfori (Tripadvisor)

I just had a massage an exfoliation and massage at Vaman Spa. Wow⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️... definitely the best in town!

Henrik Hancke Nielsen

For my first massage at Vaman Spa, Jesus was able to take me as a walk-in. The spa is very beautiful and luxurious. They did a fantastic job with the design. Jesus' massage was highly skilled and excellent. He is very knowledgeable, intuitive, and accommodating. I don't know what kind of oil he used, but my skin felt soft and smooth after the massage. I will definitely be a repeat customer. Although the prices are very reasonable, they are currently running a promotion. Take advantage of it! I highly recommend Vaman Spa!

TXchas (Tripadvisor)